We talk about "one" thing more than any"thing" and that is YOU!  We are dedicated to providing you with crafted goods built to last...every detail is Forged With Grit!  At REDTAIL Hard Goods, USA, our goal is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  Please keep this in mind when our goods show up on you doorstep.  Got a sec?  We'd love to hear from you...Drop us a line because we are grateful for awesome reviews and value your feedback!   

What are customers saying...

 Belt & Mug Holster for husband (winner who participated in a giveaway): "Thank you so much! Just received this on Wednesday and I'm blown away at how wonderful these are!" -Tina L.

Belt for husband & dad (Initially purchased belt for husband and came back for dad): "My husband loves his belt and it looks great on him! Thank you so much. I would like to order another one for my Dad. I appreciate your excellent customer service and I will definitely be recommending your business to my friends!  Again, my husband is very pleased with his belt! He is quite picky about the quality of leather and was very impressed. Thanks again!"  -Malorie A.

Belt & Mug Holster for husband (winner who participated in a giveaway): "He loves them! Thank you so much!" -Amber F.

Lanyard for husband (order lost by USPS and this customer was so patient so her husband received a free shirt out of the deal and we got a satisfied customer): "I just checked our box 5 minutes ago - it was delivered today! Thanks for being so great over the past several days.  We're both super pleased with the final result of the item! Thank you - y'all really have been outstanding! We'll be back!" -Laurel W.

Belt for himself! (Thank you Greg, again, for your service and sacrifice for the people of our country!): "Keith,The belt looks amazing!  Thanks so much for all you do. I was over at Traveller Denim in Austin today getting fitted for a new pair of raw selvedge jeans.  Showed them your work and they were very impressed." -Greg D., US ARMY

Belt for himself! (winner who participated in a giveaway): "I can't thank you enough for the super awesome giveaway and making these incredible handmade goods. Can't wait to wear this proudly! Super pumped!" -Tyler M.

Cuff for himself! (customizing leather accessories is the best): "Brass! I'm excited about this thing!" -Shannon T.

Second Belt for himself & well wishes (one of the guys we are so blessed to know and one who helped start it all!)!: "Wishing you the best in the new venture - will be buying a new belt soon - as my other one has had holes added to it since I am losing weight. Seriously best belt I have ever owned." -Mike J.

Instagram love & well wishes! (from a very dear friend!): "This #makersfeature is a special one to me. One of my favorite brands @redtailhardgoods recently went through some big changes. A logo change designed by the ever talented @1924us and a new line of amazing goods. I have worked with these guys before and they are as good as they come. Easily the most durable, timeless, and most useful goods you'll come across. A personal favorite is their signature belts, pictured above.  Not only are their goods amazing, but the people behind the goods are among the best people around. Do yourself a big favor and follow them on Instagram, these guys are destined for great things and you'll want to be along for the ride." -Van Sebastian M., #thepioneermagazine