The Crew

JULIETTE DUGGER, co-founder & Chief negotiating officer


My roots run deep in my beloved state of deep, that I’ve never lived anywhere else!  The desire to relocate from my hometown of Conroe, didn’t even arise until years later.  What was my change of heart?  Just go google “Texas Hill Country” and that question will answer itself!  

Beyond being honored to be the one and only wife of nearly twenty years to “the maker” and mama to four of the coolest little critters on the planet a.k.a. my children (that’s what we call ‘em in Texas), here’s a bit about my background...

I resigned from Corporate America in 2002 and became a crazy entrepreneur by starting my own business with a little one in tow and another bun cookin’ in the oven!  My mission since day one hasn’t changed...I get a kick out of empowering female entrepreneurs to find their grit, just like I did, so they too can create a life of providence, freedom and joy!  Time and time again potential is tapped through personal mentoring and professional coaching with our clients.  We get to watch this be unleashed in each lioness who embody irreplaceable seeds of greatness!  So, that’s what “I DO”, but how does REDTAIL Hard Goods fit into my story...well, I’m married to the founder! Seriously...when Keith invited me into his world of goods, the timing was impeccable and I said, YES!  The day I knew I had made the right decision to step in and partner with Keith to move REDTAIL forward, was on a Sunday, a week from Father’s Day 2015.  We were invited by some dear friends to do a product collaboration with them for a giveaway and we received a great response through social media.  This influx required more help in the workshop to make sure fathers everywhere would get their goods on time!  My mom had come up for a quick visit this same weekend and was available to entertain our youngest, who’s five. So, while they were busy having a tea party, our three older children all rose to the occasion and jumped in to have our own party...a packing and shipping party!  From folding boxes, to checking shipping information and everything in between, these kids asked one question, “What do we need to do, dad and mom?”.  Looking around me, tears began to roll down my face, as I watched our family pull together because of the greatest gift of of family.

We’ve learned how to create the work we love around what we love most...our faith, our family and our tightly-woven community of friends.  These aren’t just goods we are sending out each week, it’s love and commitment to give you a little piece of what we hold so dear...our legacy.  I believe our greatest level of influence is not measured just by being a fabulous business owner, but by the most valuable relationships in our lives. Thanks for listening!  

Juliette is a wife, home-school mama, mentor, speaker, author, friend to many and hummus snob!  From female business executives to the stay-at-home mom, her story of renewal and restoration impacts lives of women everywhere. Her riveting story of childhood tragedy turned triumphant, encourages a life of transformation in others. She is Founder and CEO of Fellowship of Kindreds and Raw Outlaw.

WILLIAM CURRIe, chief operating officer


I was introduced to this life on the move in a 1984 Buick, and things haven't slowed down for me since. Raised in the heart of Dixie, my roots stretch from Tennessee to California, from Canada to far across the pond. I moved to Texas for love (I found it) and opportunity (there's plenty of it). My wife, Maria, is from deep in the heart of Mexico and beautifies anything she touches. We have three kids so far...and we’re counting.

In the midst of constant commotion, a deep undercurrent has surged. I say it began when I was four years old, though it was probably long before that. It's the practice of hearing your calling and wholeheartedly working that out. It's a life-long thing and the more people you have on the journey, working out what's hidden in the depths of their souls, the more courage you have to risk in your own adventure.

Keith met me early on in my Texas days. Our families have grown closer over the years and we found ourselves working together the more REDTAIL materialized. Having vision and team have never been more important than the days we’re living now.  I love talking bravery around a plateful of biscuits.